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proposal template
 Here is the short version of how to make your own business proposal template. In the event you need the full instructions, I'll include a link to a free e-book and an example template at the bottom of this article. So let's start by making a simple design for our front page and then we'll go onto the remainder of the document. The front page needs to generate a lovely impression. It needs to look professional and inviting - you need your proposal to be the that everybody desires to pick of the pile. We'll generate a very simple design and include some key elements on the front that can be changed for each proposal.
proposal template

These elements include:

For ease of layout they are going to do this in a table, using borders and the Word drawing tools to generate a simple, but neat design. You can receive a graphics designer to generate more sophisticated graphics in the event you wish. Our table of contents is going to be created automatically after they have set the heading styles, so for now, we'll give the page a "Proposal Contents" title. They will however, use the same style formatting as they are going to make use of for Heading one, without any numbering.

proposal template

  Proposal to [CLIENT name]
  [Client logo]
  Submitted by
  [Your company logo]
  [Date of submission]
  [Contact name in your organisation]
  [Your address]
  [Your phone number]
  [Your fax number]
  [Your e mail address]
  [Your website address]

Next they select "Style and Formatting" from the "Format" menu our text and click "New Style" from the style and formatting bar. Call it "Contents Title" - then when you see "Contents Title" in the available formatting place your mouse over it and click on the arrow, then select "Update to match selection". Next we'll start adding the sections that they need for our proposal. These are the generic sections they are going to add, of coursework feel free to add/change depending on your circumstances and preferences:

They generate the line using the "Format>Borders and Shading" option from the menu. They also put some space underneath using the "Format>Paragraph" option - use plenty of whitespace in your proposals, it makes them more stunning and simpler to read.

  Executive Summary
  Our understanding of your requirement
  Scope of necessary work
  Our proposed solution
  Table of compliance
  Project plan
  Key dates
  Table of costs
  Budget assumptions
  Invoicing schedule
  Estimated expenses
  Project team
  Project team structure
  Project team profiles
  Our profile
  Company overview
  Earlier experience
  Project management
  Quality assurance
  Appendix A - Accounts
  Appendix B - Product datasheets

Select "Executive Summary" and then click on "Heading 1" in your style menu. It updates to your heading style. Now select that style from the menu and click "Modify" and base the style on Contents Title, or edit the font and paragraph settings to look like you need them to look. I recommend that in the Paragraph settings that you put a page break before your Heading one style.

proposal template

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