Tuesday, August 5, 2014

proposal template

When seeking out freelance work, the proposal is the meat & potatoes of your hard work to get hired & get paid. If you are a writer, the proposal is & a showcase for your skills because your skill in selling yourself is reflective of your ability to write on behalf of your client.

A nice proposal ought to be concise, powerful & persuasive. It ought to also have a logical flow which answers the following questions:
o What will you do?
o Why will you do it in the manner you describe?
o How will you do it?
o How much will you charge?
o What are your payment terms (including up front fees)?
o When will you do it?

Start your proposal with an introductory paragraph summarizing any information that has already been discussed. This is important to show you understand the desires of the client. Sometimes the client may only read this portion (it happens) so make sure you get the most important points in the introduction.

Here's an example freelance bid proposal.

Your contact information
Client's contact information

Dear Client,
After reviewing your requirements, I have researched the aspects of the project as you have specified. As I see it you are looking for a website that provides (feature), (feature) & (feature). I think they are best suited to offer you the solution you are looking for that won't only (insert benefit) but will (another benefit). Below you will find my ideas to carryover out the solution you seek.

With our combined twenty years of experience developing these solutions, I am confident you will be most satisfied with the work they do. They feel that designing a website is for over making funds. Our background in design & promotion will lead to an online site that helps you gain new customers & keep the ones you have while presenting your company with the picture you envision.

proposal template

You will find our bid for this project & payment terms on the following page. This quote is nice for 30 days from the date introduced. On acceptance, they are prepared to start immediately.

Freelance job proposals can be very simple, page documents or can span several pages. It depends on the complexity of the job & on the client. The best way to figure out what is necessary is to maintain nice communications together with your potential client. As you get more projects under your belt, you'll create an archive of proposals, which you can use to build proposals for future projects. Experience & efficiency come with time & action so start today & write that proposal.

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proposal template

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