Tuesday, August 5, 2014

proposal template

Project Background Knowledge

Components of a Request for Proposal (RFP) for a Website Design & Development Project:

Promotion Requirements & Knowledge

  Brief overview of your organization, including some history & your primary business objectives.
  Detailed description of the project you would like to receive the proposal for.
  If your budget requirements are strict, it might help to include a 'Ballpark' Budget - which developers can use to scope & scale your solution & save you time.
  Target launch date & necessary deliverable dates - include any dates that you need the project to meet. Are there crucial meetings & deadlines that the developer ought to be aware of? In case you are not sure what the timeframe ought to be, it is all right to see what the proposals you receive recommend & renegotiate. It is also nice to anticipate & state how flexible you are with the project's completion date.
proposal template

  Audience demographics - who will be the main users of your site? Are there several different audiences that need to be addressed?
  User comfort level with expertise - how technically savvy is your audience? Will they know how to deal with plug-ins, for example?
  Will users have high-speed connections, or will lots of be on modems?
  Audience base - how giant do you expect your user base to be?

Design & Corporate Branding Requirements

Technical & Infrastructure Requirements

  Do you have corporate identity guidelines that must be followed, including fonts & colors & graphic treatments?
  What look & feel to you envision for the Website? Include some adjectives to report what your site ought to communicate.
  Provide examples of Websites that relate to the RFP either because they have a similar feel to the your are looking for, or even examples of what you do NOT require.
  Will there be any animated elements (i.e. Flash animations)? How lots of? How are they going to be used?

  Hosting considerations. Do you currently have a Web host or are you looking for a used to handle this project?
  Browser/platform considerations. Usually speaking, a Website for consumers or the general public ought to work similarly across all modern browsers & Operating Systems. In case you are targeting a specific audience it is feasible your needs are different.
  Development platform requirements. Do you need an Open Source solution, are you open to a proprietary solution that is more tailored to your exact needs, etc.
  Coding language requirements (e.g. ASP.NET, PHP, Java). Lots of times this relies on the type of Hosting platform or any preexisting program you may have.
  Are there third party applications you'd like to incorporate?

proposal template

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