Tuesday, August 5, 2014

proposal template

Consider for a moment that by itself, a template doesn't add to your bottom line. However, one time you personalize to meet a client's requirements, it becomes an invaluable piece of your kit. A proposal template basically lets you dispense with the tedious process of by hand making a document or every client.

In lieu, you pull out a proposal template & quickly add details, such as your company information & that of your client. You can then use the blank template & fill in the features & requirements of the project. So, the idea here is to have a template that has the basic information on it, such as company information as well as things specific to your industry, but not so basic that you require to write out most o it by hand.

With this basic template you could quickly change it to suit different clients, which saves you both time & allows for a clear understanding through each phase of the project.

proposal template

For example, take a web design project. You would require a proposal template that outlined things like the intended audience, browser requirements, graphic requirements, how interactive the site is likely to be as well as possession & copyright clarification as well as a payment schedule.

Similarly, you require a simple design & format, so that when you personalize it, the formatting doesn't break. Keep in mind you are not going to win a project based on how your proposal looks, though it does require to be professional, which means free of any grammar or spelling errors.

As with any proposal template, you ought to be able to quickly change it without hassle. As such, it needs to be straightforward in terms of formatting as well as simple to read. You would not require it in size ten font as older people may have troubles reading it without some work.

A proposal template can save both you & your client time that might be otherwise lost in unnecessary meetings & phone calls, & ultimately will let you gain more clients in less time & ultimately increase your bottom line.

proposal template

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